Everything made using the items found on my travels or rescued from landfill

St Fagans

Whether you live in or are simply visiting the city of Cardiff, somewhere that you should definitely go to visit is St Fagans.

Kidwelly Castle

If you are looking for a new castle to visit, then you might want to consider taking a look at Kidwelly Castle.

Sea Life Blackpool

People have been visiting Blackpool since the 18th century when it was seen as fashionable for higher class people to travel to the seaside for their summer holidays.

What Is Beachcombing?

Beachcombing is when you visit a beach intending to look for items of interest to you, this could be seaglass, pottery, marbles, bottle stoppers and even trash.

Pembroke Castle

If you love to go exploring the history that the castles in Wales have to offer, then you might be interested in learning more about Pembroke Castle.

Laugharne Castle

Are you a castle fanatic that is looking for their next adventure? If this is the case, somewhere that you might want to consider visiting is Laugharne Castle.

Castle Coch

Whether you live in Wales or anywhere else, one of the castles that you should have on your to-visit list is Castle Coch, or Castell Coch.

Carmarthen Castle

Carmarthen Castle is a castle that everyone should go to and see if they want to discover the history that lies between its walls.

Caernarfon Castle

Have you ever thought about going to Caernarfon Castle, but wanted to know a little more about it before you set out on your adventure?

Buckingham Palace

Everyone knows about the association of Buckingham Palace with the royal crown, but how much do you know about it other than that?

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