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What is Uranium Glass?

Many beachcombers come across unusual finds at the beach without even knowing it. Seaglass is an amazing find in itself, but finding a piece of glass that glows under UV light is something extraordinary.

What is Seaglass?

Beachcombing is becoming even more popular as time progresses. People love to walk across beaches for hours on end, collecting all the treasures that lie there waiting to be noticed.

Best Beachcombing Beaches

Beachcombing is a popular hobby that includes roaming the beaches in search of different beach treasures. Beachcombers collect a variety of different materials.

Beachcombing UK Law

Beachcombing is a fun and enjoyable activity that many people like to take part in. Whether you’re beachcombing or simply thinking of taking a souvenir from the beach, there are certain laws and rules that must be followed.

Beachcombing Tools

Beachcombing can easily be an all day adventure and there are lots of different tools and equipment that you can take with you to make sure that you are fully equipped for any situation that may arise.

Saint Govan’s chapel

So the 5-mile lock-down had just been released and we were itching to get back to the beach. Having not been to the beach since March we were excited to make new discoveries. We are not your usual beach visitors, the ones that sit on the beach catching a tan while the...

What do you need for beachcombing?

Many people don’t even know what beachcombing is, let alone what they need to do it. I was one of those people until a few months ago, but the more I do it, the more I’ve realised that I was probably doing a lot of things wrong in the beginning.  I never really...

Can you Make Money Beachcombing?

Yes, you absolutely can make money from beachcombing. When I first started beachcombing it was not my intention to make money from it, in fact, I didn’t even know you could, but since I’ve started I’ve discovered that people really do have a love for beachcombed items...

What is Bonfire Seaglass?

Bonfire glass or what is sometimes called campfire glass is glass that has been heated so hot that it melts and loses its original shape, forming chunks of pitted glass. It comes in all shapes, colours and sizes just like regular seaglass. What is bonfire seaglass?...

Black Seaglass

Black seaglass Black seaglass (or as we beachcombers like to call it pirate glass) is glass that looks black to the naked eye, but once a bright light is shone through it, it shows up its true colour. Black seaglass is usually a deep green under a light, but you can...


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