Paultons Park is one of many theme parks that can be found in the UK, but it also features some added extras, like Peppa Pig World, that makes it that much more exciting. There are so many fun and exciting things to see and do at Paulton Park that you are sure to be entertained throughout the duration of your visit.

Whether you are going as a family or as a couple, you will be guaranteed an action-packed day that is full of adventure. It is the perfect attraction for both adults and children, as it has something for everyone. If this all sounds great to you, then you should keep reading to find out what to expect from a visit to Paultons Park.

What Time Can You Enter Paultons Park?

Paultons Park is usually open from 10am to 5pm on weekdays, and from 10:00am to 5:30am on weekends. This can vary depending on the time of year that you are planning to visit, so be sure to check their website before your visit to confirm this. The rides will be open half an hour after the park opens, and they will close half an hour before the park closes.

How Much Do Tickets for Paultons Park Cost?

The ticket prices for Paultons Park are as follows:

Individual over 1m tall – £45.50

Family of 3 – £134.00

Family of 4 – £178.00

Family of 5 – £222.50

Senior – £43.00

It is also worth being aware of the fact that anyone that is under 1 meter tall while wearing shoes will be allowed to enter Paultons Park for free. Wheelchair dependent guests will also gain free entry into the park. Tickets cost less if you go during the week,

Do You Pay For Parking at Paultons Park?

No, you do not have to pay for parking at Paultons Park as it is free of charge.

Can You Take Your Own Food Into Paultons Park?

Yes, you can take your own food with you into Paultons Park. There are also plenty of grass areas and picnic benches around the park where you can stop for some lunch.

What Age is Paultons Park For?

Paultons Park is designed for families with children that are under the age of 14 years old. There is a wide range of rides that range from those that are only suitable for very young children to larger roller coasters for adults and older children. Peppa Pig World in Paultons Park is specifically designed for children between the ages of 1 and 6 years old.

How Long Does it Take to Go Around Paultons Park?

You can expect to spend a full day here at Paultons Park as there is so much to see and do. For this reason, it is often beneficial to take the time to plan your day before you arrive at the park. 

How Many Rides Are at Paultons Park?

There are more than 70 rides and attractions to keep you entertained at Paultons Park.

What is the Scariest Ride at Paultons Park?

One of the scariest rides at Paultons Park is the Storm Chaser, which is a fast-paced and exhilarating rollercoaster that will send you spinning and swirling around the track. You can find this rollercoaster in the Tornado Springs area of the park.

Are There Water Rides at Paultons Park?

Yes, there are water rides and attractions at Paultons Park, which are a great way to keep cool in the heat of the summer. Whether you feel like splashing around in the Water Kingdom or are seeking a thrill on the log flume ride, there are quite a few water rides and attractions to keep you entertained.

The Water Kingdom Splash Park is great for kids that want to splash around, and it features various water jets, fountains, super soakers, and giant tipping buckets. This 8500 feet kids splash park features more than 40 different ways of getting wet, so don’t forget your swimming costume.

There is also a muddy puddle splash area in Peppa Pig World that can be enjoyed by toddlers and younger children. There is no Peppa Pig fan that would miss out on the opportunity to jump in a muddy puddle.

One of the rides that you should check out if you are looking to get wet is the Raging River Log Flume Ride, featuring two epic drops from 11 meters high. There is also the Seal Falls mini log flume ride, which is the perfect water ride for younger children, allowing them to step aboard a seal shaped car for a gentle ride down a mini waterfall.

Some other water rides that you can find at Paultons Park are the Wave Runner Ride, the Viking Boat Ride, and Grandpa Pig’s Boat Trip Ride in Peppa Pig World.

Rides at Paultons Park

There are lots of different rides for you to explore at Paultons Park, and there is a wide variety of children’s rides, family rides, and thrill rides to enjoy here. They are all included in the price of entry, and there is something for everyone to enjoy at Paultons Park when it comes to the rides that are on offer.

Some rides at Paultons Park include roller coasters, water rides, train rides, flat rides, drop tower rides, a driving school and so much more. There are even rides for children that are under 1 meter in height, like the balloon ride, Ferris wheel, boat rides, tractor rides, train rides and more.

Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park

If you are taking smaller children with you to Paultons Park, then you should definitely head on down to the Peppa Pig World area of the park. This is included with the price of your ticket, and you can go on ahead and visit the world’s largest and first Peppa Pig World. There are lots of fun rides that are suitable for young children, and you can even meet Peppa Pig and George along the way.

Peppa Pig and George will appear at multiple points throughout the day to meet their loving fans at the front of the school house. This could be the perfect chance to get a photo of your little ones with their favourite TV characters. Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, Zoe Zebra and Suzy Sheep will also make seasonal appearances.

Some of the rides that you can expect to find in Peppa Pig World are Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride, Grandpa Pig’s Little Train, The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride, and Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club, where you can cruise along the water and discover Pirate Island. In this section of the park, there is also a Muddy Puddles Splash Park, Mr Potato’s Adventure Playground, George’s Spaceship Indoor Playzone, and more. 

Tornado Springs

You can now head over to Tornado Springs, which is brand new to Paultons Park and features 8 incredible new rides and experiences. You can ride the spinning coaster, the gyro swing ride, or even try out the driving school attraction. This part of the park is set in a Midwest desert resort town from the 1950s.

Lost Kingdom

The Lost Kingdom at Paultons Park is a Jurassic World, where dinosaurs of all different shapes and sizes will be there to greet you at every turn. This is an excellent prehistoric landscape that will allow you to be thrown back in time to see and hear things from the Jurassic era.

The Lost Kingdom is also home to various different dinosaur-themed attractions, including two world-class roller coasters, lifelike animatronic Dinosaurs, Jurassic themed family rides, and a prehistoric Dinosaur adventure play park, and a chance to see moving animatronic dinosaurs. 

Critter Creek

You can also head over to Critter Creek, which is a fully themed world of strange creatures. You can ride the Cat-o-pillar rollercoaster and discover brilliant colourful plants and animals that have never been seen before. This exhilarating roller coaster will take you more than 10 meters high, and it is the perfect ride for all of the family to enjoy. This section of the park is also home to Professor Blast’s Expedition Express Train, which is a delightful journey for the little ones.

Little Africa

In Little Africa, you will be able to see lots of different animals that are native to the Continent of Africa. Some of the animals that you can expect to see are the fennec fox, African crested porcupines, meerkats, Savannah monitor lizards, giant train millipedes, and the Gambian pouched rat, and the African pygmy mouse.

In the centre of Little Africa, you will find an impressive avery that you can walk through, which houses a mix of bird species, like the lilac-breasted rollers and black-crowned night herons. The environment within this avery has been designed to replicate an African waterhole.

As well as the walkthrough aviary, you will also be able to go through the nocturnal house, which is an intriguing indoor area where you will have to brave the dark to see a variety of animals in a low light environment.