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have you ever wondered how to find seaglass? or where to find seaglass? Well, you have come to the right place because we have compiled a seaglass map that will show you all the best beaches for finding seaglass and pottery. You may even find the holy grail of beachcombing finds along the way, like a marble or a bottle stopper. 

Who knows what you may find using our seaglass map, you may even find something even more cool and interesting on your hunt for seaglass. Did you know some beaches were used as landfills many moons ago, and the remnants of these old rubbish dumps wash out onto the beach ready to be discovered by you. 

We cannot attest to the amount or the quality of the seaglass at the locations we have listed on our seaglass map. Some locations might have lots of seaglass and other beaches you may have to work to find treasures. Some of the seaglass might be jewellery quality, and others may be craft quality, but you won’t know unless you get out there and find it.

Good luck on your hunt for seaglass, and don’t forget to share the things you find with us in our brand new discover seaglass and beachcombing group.

If you want us to feature your treasures on our website send your pictures, name and location to info@discovertheoutdoors.co.uk 🙂

Step 1. Scroll the map to find the location you want to visit.

Step 2. Once you click the beach you wish to visit, a box will pop over to give details of the beach you clicked.

Step 3. Click the arrow to the right of the beach name to be taken to the location on the map.

If you would like to add a location to the map or show us your finds from any of the locations listed, you can drop us a message at info@discovertheoutdoors.co.uk. We would love to see what you find and showcase your finds with others, don’t forget to share your name and your location! 🙂

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