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Cosmeston Medieval Village

Cosmeston Medieval Village is nestled in the picturesque Vale of Glamorgan. This archaeological site offers a unique window into the past.

Cosmeston Lakes

Discover Cosmeston Lakes: Where nature meets history. Explore lakes, medieval village, and more. Ideal for nature and history enthusiasts.

Seaham Sea Glass

People often ask, “Why is there sea glass at Seaham?” It is due to the old glasswork factories that were based in Seaham and Sunderland.

Urbany Hostel London

London has some of the world’s finest eateries, pubs, and tourist hotspots; it also has 2,000 years of history waiting to be explored.

Monknash Beach

Monknash Beach, also known as Cwm Nash, is a stretch of coastline in South Wales, between Monknash and St Donats in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Lyme Regis Beach

Lyme Regis is, without a doubt, a wonderful place to visit; in fact, it is one of my very top choices for holiday destinations.

Is Uranium Glass Safe

You may have identified that you have uranium Seaglass in your collection and are probably wondering, is uranium glass safe?

How To Identify Uranium Glass

Seaglass is an excellent find on its own, but a piece of seaglass that glows is even more amazing. Glowing seaglass is called uranium glass.

A Day At Weald & Downland Living Museum

Travel with us through history as we explore the grounds and historic buildings situated at Weald & Downland Living Museum.

The Sherlock Holmes Museum

The Sherlock Holmes Museum is a quirky recreation of the world of London’s most iconic fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes. Here, you can immerse yourself in the Victorian world of Holmes and some of his most famous cases. The best part? This museum is actually...

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