Mermaid Mail – Beachcombed treasures

We are pleased to be introducing our first mermaid mail boxes. Each box contains a good selection of seaglass and pottery. The seaglass and pottery in our packages will have varying degrees of smoothness because it comes from a beach with a victorian rubbish dump.

Included in each package will be a selection of 

  • Pirate glass
  • Bonfire glass
  • Regular seaglass
  • Seaglass marbles x2

Each box is different, so the contents may vary from box to box; some packages may have; 

  • Buttons
  • Beads
  • Bottle stoppers
  • Fossils

The images show our seaglass in its natural form, and after being oiled, this is a personal choice how you decide to keep it, but we think this glass looks so much more beautiful after being oiled, but that’s just how we like it. If you would like to return your seaglass to a more natural look, you can wash it in some warm soapy water. The contents of our packages will depend on what we find on the beach at that time. Most of our seaglass has been collected from the Jurassic coast, with a few small pieces added from Seaham. 

We hope you enjoy receiving your mermaid mail as much as we love collecting it.

(Props are for photographic purposes and are not included with the purchase)



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